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Welcoming time & Message board

First thing in the morning we welcome the children by giving free choice to the children. 

Later on, we all sit together to find out what the messages are for the day. We sing 'What's the weather?' song and learn about the days of the week.

Outdoors time

A great time for the children to explore nature and to be active. As many of the children do not have access to a garden, we make it a priority to go outdoors all through the year. The children can explore the sand and water, the mud kitchen and ride on the scooters and trikes.

Work time
Snack time

During this time, we encourage the children to explore the resources and adult initiated activities. These are planned to meet the needs and interests of the children. Children learn so much through play so this is our main method of teaching.

Snack time is where we can eat socially, talking about our healthy fruit or vegetable choices. We encourage the children to cut up their snacks and to drink water. We encourage safe eating, including washing hands, sitting down, and and not talking until their mouth is empty. 

Large group time

Here is the time to get together as a whole. We encourage the children to share their ideas as we sing, move, be creative or tell stories. It's a great opportunity for speaking and listening as well as having fun.

Small group time

In our teams, the staff plan learning experiences that are specific to their key children. They target their learning needs and interests to ensure the children are engaged and progressing in the EYFS development stages.

Creating an Enabling Environment 

We love to create an environment where the children can be independent and feel confident to select resources and toys. 

Our toilets are child size so they can learn to go to the toilet and to wash their hands independently.

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