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Our Ethos
“We'll take your child under our wing, then teach them how to fly"

We want your child to feel at home and as part of an extended family. We want him to feel accepted, loved and cared for so we take time to get to know your child as much as possible. We then use this to provide individual learning experiences as well as adult-led and independent activities.

About us
& Our Staff
Our Team

We have a range of staff whose primary goal is to care for your child and to see them reach their full potential. They come from a range of cultures, countries, and languages as a reflection of the children who attend our preschool. This helps us to meet the child's needs, as well as yours.

- We have a Manager who is in charge of promoting our vision by ensuring our team are supported, encouraged , and are regularly updating their development. Their priority is providing a safe and caring learning environment that meets the needs of all of the children.


- We have a Deputy Manager who takes care of the day to day running of the preschool. They support the team to check the preschool is safe, the learning activities are fun and age-appropriate, as well as welcoming the children in the mornings.


- Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is there for any child who has difficulty in accessing the learning we are preparing for the children. They can offer support and guidance on how to seek additional help. They help to prepare the transition to Primary school by working closely with the child's future school.


- We have a range of Key Workers who are linked to your child. They find out about what your child loves to do, what they already know, and plan ideas to help them grow. They communicate with you regularly so you can support your child at home as well.

-Florence is our Safeguarding & Child Protection Lead. She is available if you have any concerns about a child who may be being abused. She is also available if you have concerns about any of the team. Please feel free to speak with her at any time. 

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